Vienna Technical Museum:
Work & Production

The Vienna Technical Museum opened their special exhibition “Work & Production” on 15 November 2018, with our project team participating in the festivities. By working with the museum’s experts, it was possible to convey a cutting-edge current research project to a broader public. Despite the complexity of the matter, the integration of a simulation game into the exhibition was very successful.

“To exhibit on-going research for a broad public is a hard task. The game “Atom Tractor Beam” enables our visitors to comprehend Toma Susi’s research and try the developed method on their own without the help of an explainer. That’s for me as curator the definition of a successful exhibit.” – Gudrun Weisz, curator

Visitors of all ages and backgrounds are thus provided with a realistic insight into the questions and methods of state-of-the-art materials research funded by the ERC. With the help of the game, they even have the opportunity to slip into the role of scientists themselves! The exhibition runs until April 2020.