Arts & Science:
From the Cosmos to the Nanoworld

Physics is a science that describes our universe from the largest clusters of galaxies down to the smallest subatomic particles, spanning billions of years of cosmic history as well as nanoscale processes far faster than a blink of an eye. Whether we focus on the unimaginably large or the imperceivably small, physics allows us to tell true stories of the processes that govern our reality.

An evening of “Arts & Science” was hosted on 23 May 2019 by University of Vienna Faculty of Physics nanoscience researchers Toma Susi and Katharina Holzweber whose hobbies intersect with the worlds of art. Combining music, interactive visuals, and modern dance, the audience was taken on a journey from the Cosmos to the Nanoworld where we are able to manipulate individual atoms.

Photos © Universität Wien / Joseph Krpelan (